• Beginnings In Bread

    A month ago I bought a copy of Flour Water Salt Yeast(FWSY) by Ken Forkish. In June of last year I bought his newer book The Elements of Pizza, which I really enjoyed. I find it particularly good for a number of reasons, the two key ones being that although it is written by a professional baker, it does not use unattainable utensils for the casual home baker and that it follows a traditional approach to baking - there are no overly fancy, or unecessary, modern quirks.

    A week after buying FWSY I ordered a Lodge Cast Iron Combo Cooker and ever since have been baking fresh loaves twice a week.

    This week I baked my first fully naturely leavened loaf and was delighted with the results.

    Sourdough crumb


  • Another Shot

    let blogName = "A long rory short"
    let author = Author(firstName: "Rory", lastName: "Bain")
    let blog = Blog(name: blogName, author: author)

    I have tried many times over the last few years to start a blog. I have failed as many times. This time I have decided I will make a blog and on it I will write about any topics I feel interested in. Previously I quickly lost interest as I felt that I didn’t have enough good content to keep up a site that was constrained to one topic. Here goes.