I typically listen to a least one #podcast a day, the topics of which vary significantly. Here’s a list of some of my favorites podcasts this past year.



I was recommended this podcast by a friend whilst in London and listened to all eight episodes during and after the train ride home the next day. It is one of the most interesting stories I’ve heard. It reminds me of Netflix’s Making a Murderer but is so much more personal. I don’t want to say too much about it as to not spoil the surprise, I would just advise you to go and listen to it now.

They Walk Among Us

I found They Walk Among Us whilst googling for crime podcasts and have been listening to each episode since. It tells the story of real British crimes and can be very dark at times. One odd/funny element is that Benjamin who narrates it uses the exact same voice and intonation to tell you about this weeks shaving sponsor as he does to describe someones brutal demise.


After finishing S-Town I was keen to hear more of the same and found that its creators had previously made Serial. I wouldn’t say it is as interesting as S-Town - it’s much slower paced - but I certainly enjoyed it.

Up and Vanished

Up and Vanished was created by a filmmaker - Payne Lindsay - who watched Making a Murder and listened to Serial and was inspired to make his own mystery podcast. Payne researched unsolved murder cases and came across the disappearance of Tara Grinstead. The podcast gets more and more interesting as it goes on. I would recommend you not to research it too much and just listen.



Another podcast that I was introduced to by a friend. Radiolab produce shows about a massive variety of topics that are always thought-provoking and insightful. The podcast is really well produced - it always has cool sound effects and music and the issues they present have been researched by many people over months and sometimes years.

The Infinite Monkey Cage

A recent addition to my podcast playlist. This is a funny and informative show that is quite like watching QI but with more focus on certain topics in each episode. There are experts on each episode telling you about their area of expertise.

No Such Thing As A Fish

This show is 100% QI-in-a-podcast. It is hosted by the researchers at QI and is full of facts and puns.

The Accidental Tech Podcast

The Accidental Tech Podcast is the most Apple-y, tech-y podcast I think there is. There are some really great in-depth discussions about how Apple as a company is doing. Marco one of the hosts actually writes the podcast app I use - Overcast - and it can be really interesting to hear about their view of the iOS development world.


VIEWS with David Dobrik and Jason Nash

I watch pretty much every new David Dobrik video and it’s really interesting to hear the stories behind them. These podcasts can be ridiculous and completely millennial-focused but I always find them funny. It’s nice to hear a YouTuber who just openly talks about the money they’re making and how they genuinely think that they are so lucky to be in the position that they are in. Plus, he has a Tesla.

The High Low

My girlfriend got me on to this podcast, it’s vastly different from anything else I listen to but has become a podcast I look forward to listening to each week. It is hosted by Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton, two freelance writers who both went to private all-girls schools. The podcast is centered around pop culture and feminism, and I find it really interesting to hear their thoughts on topics in the news each week.

How I Built This with Guy Raz

How I Built This is a podcast where Guy Raz interviews the founders of massive companies. My favorite episodes include the founder of Patagonia, Five Guys and Instagram. It’s interesting to hear the differences in how people ‘made it’, and similarly interesting to hear how similar these stories can be (it’s amazing how many founders parents had $50,000 to invest in their offspring’s companies).