Fidlock Vacuum Case

I recently swapped from using a QuadLock phone mount for my bike to a new Fidlock Vacuum case. Before ordering the Fidlock case, I couldn’t find out much information about the case online, here are my thoughts.

This case is great. It’s slim as phone cases go, the magnet system means there’s no extra bulk on the back like you get with other bike mount systems.

The volume and lock buttons are easy to press, they’re not ‘dampened’ like you find in other products. There is also a decent border around the front of your phone’s screen, which should protect it should you drop the phone.

The case does not work with MagSafe on the iPhone 12 and later models. The magnets on the back of the case don’t align with the MagSafe charger and I could never get it to stick on in a way that would charge the phone.

I purchased the stem cap base for mounting my phone, you can get a handlebar based one, but I was worried it wouldn’t be big enough for my handlebars. I don’t like where the phone sits with the stem mount, I much preferred the position on the ‘out front’ Quad-lock mount, which avoids you craning your neck down as much to see the screen.

Fidlock Vacuum Case

The Vacuum system itself is brilliant. The case and baseline up perfectly every time, which is much easier than trying to rotate and push down at the correct angle on a Quad-lock mount. The connection feels secure too, if I had a lighter bike I imagine you could lift it by the phone itself.

You can rotate the phone 360 degrees whilst it’s attached to the mount. I use this a lot when on my turbo trainer, I can watch videos in landscape and then quickly rotate to portrait when switching to other apps. I do wish it didn’t rotate so easily though, I’ve often knocked it whilst cycling and then have to re-centre it, and it doesn’t always sit perfectly centre - it rotates in increments and can sometimes be at ~91 degrees on one increment, but ~89 degrees at the next one.

Releasing the vacuum is as simple, you push down on a collar whilst you pick up the phone and it releases. This is can be done even whilst wearing thick gloves.