I recently purchased the Rab Microlight Alpine down jacket. Like with my Arcteryx jacket, I thought it might be helpful to others if I shared my opinions and some pictures as there’s limited info or pictures outside of those by the manufacturer online.

I chose this garment to replace a North Face Thermo Ball jacket that my brother has adopted to be his own. The Rab number uses real down and is noticeably warmer than the synthetic insulation of the North Face. That being said, the Rab fits slimmer which certainly helps to keep the warm in.

Rab Microlight

The jacket comes branded with a small Nikwax - the waterproofing company - logo printed at the back. The down used in the jacket is claimed to be ‘hydrophobic’, but I’m convinced this is just marketing chat. I don’t how the material /inside/ the jacket can really keep you dry, but I guess it’s better than nothing?

Like the Arcteryx, this jacket has both a good hood and a soft microfibre-like material on the inside of the zip. There’s even a small sleeping bag like case that Rab provide for you to pack the jacket away into. Some jackets I have tried have the ability to pack away into their own pockets which defeats the need to keep track of a little bag that I will inevitably lose.

The jacket doesn’t pack away /that/ small but it’s so light that you don’t notice on your person that much.

I went for size Medium and I’m happy with the fit. I’m just shy of 6’2. Feel free to send me any questions, I’ll try and remember to add more pictures when I get some.

Rab Microlight