Strap on carry

I’ve had the Peak Design Everyday Backpack for a year and a half. I backed it on Kickstarter and waited 6 months for it to arrive, running my already tired Herschel Supply Co bag into the ground in the process. I’m hoping it’s the last backpack I buy. It comes with a lifetime warranty and 18 months on it’s still solid.


Perhaps my favourite thing about the bag is just that it feels great - it is made from a sturdy water-resistant material that provides it a solid shape; the straps are made from the same material as seatbelts and can hold any weight your through at them with ease; the back of the bag sits firmly, assuringly against your back; and the inside of the bag is made from a soft material that I feel happy throwing my camera inside. There are very few bags that blend utility with aesthetics like this bag does.

Speaking of utility, this bag can do everything. There’s a reason that Peak Design call it the everyday backpack. The inside of the bag is one big space that is separated by flex fold dividers. These are like you’d expect to find in a camera bag but a hundred times better. They are slim rather than bulky, they are easy to move around and they can be folded up or down to create little compartments in your bag to keep your stuff separated. This is extremely useful when you have a bunch of stuff in your bag. My camera has its own space on the right hand side, if I’m grabbing shopping on my way home then it stays in the top of the bag, kept tidily away from everything else. When you need to get something out of the bottom of your bag, you just turn it on its side and reach into that compartment. There are also two expanding side pockets that I use for my bike D-lock and for a water bottle, The laptop compartment is completely separate to the rest of the bag and can be accessed at the back of the bag. It can take a 15” MacBook Pro, an iPad and some charging cables. When you have filled up the insides of the bag, there are a number of straps and anchor points on the outside of the outside of the bag that you can pull out at any time to strap stuff to your bag. I use these for carrying all sorts of things that a regular backpack could not do. I’ve strapped on clothes, boxes of cereal, packages that I have had delivered to my office, my bike helmet and even a pack of three pillows.


The only wish I had for this bag was that it was bigger. Peak Design do make a 30L version of this bag but it looks bulky and unwieldy compared to the 20-litre model. Since buying it 18 months ago, I have been using this bag every day, it has been brilliant.