Spotify recently released their 2018-Wrapped playlists for users. It’s a brilliant feature that I wish more services would implement. Twice in the past I’ve used Apple Music for a few months at a time. Both times I regretted it, and was then annoyed when my year-end stats missed my binge on a new album. It’s an ego-filling service whose greatest purpose is for enabling you to tell others about how good your music taste is. But, who doesn’t love to be told about a band that you never listen to until you discover them yourself.

I thought I’d write a little about my favourite releases of this year.

New Light (Single), John Mayer

My first choice is only one song, but it’s a really great one. This song reminds of Los Angeles evenings, I think it’s got a very La La Land vibe but can’t quite place where I get that from.

Leon Bridges, Good Thing

This album is a significant departure from the first Leon Bridges’ early Rhythm and Blues style. I particularly like Bad Bad News and Mrs.

Hill Climber, Vulfpeck

Squeezing in at the very end of the year, I haven’t turned this off since it came out. It’s maybe too early days but I think it’s my favourite Vulfpeck album yet. It’s an album I’d highly recommend listening to from start to finish.

Guide My Back Home (Live), City and Color

I don’t usually like live albums much but this one is different. Dallas Green has developed so much as a musician that it’s amazing to hear songs that I grew up listening to (that now seem dated, for want of a better word) performed in a more mature and emotive set.

Living Room, Lawrence

Lawrence are a pop-funk band whose songs feel like a disney soundtrack. They are fronted by a brother-sister duo with amazing voices. I’m hoping they come across to the UK sometime as I’d love to see them live.

Tom Misch, Geography

Tom Misch has become my current guitar idol. Every song on this album is brilliant.