When I go out on my bike, when possible, I like to bring my camera. However, a normal camera strap doesn’t keep your camera still, it slides round into front of you and likes to catch you right on the funny-bone.

I had a search for camera straps for bikes and watched a few YouTube videos. I only found one strap actually for sale and it didn’t look like it held the camera securely and required a couple of hands to get your camera out.

These are the things I was looking for in a strap:

  • Holds a camera in one place and prevents it swinging
  • Doesn’t inhibit access to the camera (ideally can get to the camera with one hand)
  • Easy to put on - I don’t want to feel like I’m getting into a harness
  • Easily removable - when I’m not on my bike, it should be usable as a normal strap

Eventually, after watching this video, I decided to make my own. I found the components on a website called Contact Left for less than £7.

Camera Strap

The strap is comprised of:

  • A Fidlock V-Buckle, a great little magnetic buckle that you can connect quickly with one hand.
  • A piece of 25mm nylon
  • A peak design anchor clip

The peak design anchor was one I had spare which came with my Everyday Backpack, but you can order them online for under £10.

Camera Gif

The setup is as following:

  • Attach a Peak Design anchor point to your camera
  • Attach the Peak Design anchor to a length of Nylon (I used a 25mm strap, folded over to fit through the anchor)
  • Attach the other side of that nylon to one side of the Fidlock Buckle
  • Attach the otherwise of the Fidlock buckle to a loop of nylon. For this, I’m using the piece of Nylon that came with my bag, but you could use another 25mm piece if you can get attach some velcro or similar to it so that it can you can attach it to your existing camera strap
  • Loop that other piece of nylon behind your existing camera strap and then back through itself
  • Connect your buckle and you’re ready to ride!

I’ve video’d how it looks along with a brief explanation here