Pizza Places 🍕

In 2015 after going to see The Force Awakens, I had my first proper neopolitan pizza. Since then I’ve eaten a truckload of pizza. Here are my rankings.

Here is the full list on Google Maps

  1. Paesano Pizza, Glasgow
    • The pizza, price and atmosphere are all brilliant. I’m yet to have a better crust on any pizza.
  2. Gino Sorbillo Antica Pizzeria, Naples
    • Great pizza, restaurant dining in Naples. Get the buffalo margherita.
  3. L’antica Pizzeria Da Michele, Naples
    • The freshest tasting sauce I’ve had. Very traditional, “margherita o marinara?”
  4. Di Matteo Naples
    • €3.50 for one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had.
  5. Pizza Pilgrims, London
    • Probably your best option for a cheap meal in London.
  6. Laboratorio, London
    • Great pizza on Brick Lane.
  7. Pizzeria 1926, Edinburgh
    • The best pizza in Edinburgh in my opinion - a highly Neapolitan affair.
  8. L’antica Pizzeria Da Michele, Milan
    • Not as good as the Naples branch of this world famous group of pizzerias. The restaurant is much more like any other restaurant, with a large menu and prices to match.
  9. L’antica Pizzeria Da Michele, London
    • Incredibly different from its sibling restaurant in Naples. The neon signs and large menu make it hard to believe that they’re at all related. That being said, the pizzas (what really matters) are almost as good. And that says a lot.
  10. Standard, Berlin
    • Great neapolitan pizza and vibe in Berlin.
  11. Franco Manca, London
    • Closely follows Pizza Pilgrims, slightly smaller in my experience and just beaten in dough quality.
  12. 50 Kalo, London
    • The best pizza you can find near Trafalgar Square.
  13. Mozza, Glasgow
    • If Paesano is full - or you need to book - this is a great option.
  14. Franco Manca, Edinburgh
    • Like all other Franco Mancas. Great to have one in the center of Edinburgh.
  15. Napizza, Stirling
    • By far my favourite cheap eat in Stirling, proper neopolitan pizza. It’s a shame their shop is so small.
  16. East Pizzas, Edinburgh
    • This Leith based eatery support local produce and make a decent Neopolitan Pizza.
  17. Pizza Posto
    • Massive restaurant and one of the only places you can get Neopolitan pizza in Edinburgh.
  18. Pizza Union, London
    • Fresh roman pizza in real pizza oven for £3.95 in London.
  19. Pizzetta 408, San Jose
    • A small street food style pizza place in San Jose, nothing really special but one of few options for Neopolitan in the area.
  20. Pizzeria San Benedetto
    • The best pizza we tried around Lake Garda. Staff were very friendly and the place had a nice atmosphere to it.
  21. Dough, Edinburgh
    • Good pizza but not as great value as the above options. A solid choice if you are in the center of Edinburgh and fancy something quick.
  22. Söderberg
    • Thin crispy pizza from a woodfired pizza oven. I prefer neopolitan style but there’s no denying that Söderberg know their sourdough breads.
  23. Civerinos, Edinburgh
    • Edinburgh’s favourite pizzeria that I just don’t love. The pizza can be good but certainly not good value for money.
  24. Homeslice, London
    • The London restaurant selling by the slice that likely inspired Civerinos Slice may have also inspired the expensive pricing.
  25. Jam Jars, Stirling
    • Currently the only non pizzeria on this list. Nice pizza but expensive and personally, a thin crispy pizza will never beat a neopolitan one worth its 3% salt.
  26. Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, San Francisco
    • San Franciscos highly rated and loved pizzeria that serves a good variety of ‘pies’ but costs that San Francisco price and then some. Our two margheritas and two drinks were almost $100. The pizza was good but nothing special; and I find it hard to look past that price.
  27. La Favorita, Glasgow
    • This branch of the La Favorita brand has now shut down and I’m yet to try its East coast sibling. Not great value and toppings that were fancier than they needed to be.